Chris standing up holding his daughter Elva
Re-beau — an example of smart fashion

Slogan: sustainable accessories made out of recycled plastic 

TA: people who are interested in fashion are responsible for consumption

About the initiative

The Re-beau company produces jewelry from recycled plastic and invests 10% of the profits in organizing the cleaning of forests, lakes and rivers. The brand is negotiating with Ukrainian retailers to create joint collections of plastic jewelry with them.

How did it start

Maria Sorokina, a programmer, never worked in her specialty. She realized that she really wants to do what has attracted her since childhood - fashion. Fashion was her hobby for a long time, until Maria started sorting waste at home.

In 2017, a brand called Re-beau was born from this idea. The designer explains that this is a social business with a specific appeal: “My earrings spread information about sorting, about reasonable consumption. They clearly show that we need to use resources more responsibly and efficiently. " Maria collects raw materials for earrings herself, sometimes friends help.

What are they doing now: currently the company is engaged in the manufacture of accessories, the creation of new collections.