Chris standing up holding his daughter Elva
Maysternia Mrii (Dream Workshop) — more than just tea

Slogan: “Pure herbal tea in your cup”

TA: people who want to buy natural tea and help the center for young people with mental disabilities.

About the initiative

This social enterprise produces cool Carpathian tea. In the store you will find environmentally friendly vitamin teas for different tastes, as well as do a good deed. After all, half of the profits from each pack they direct to ensure the functioning of the Day Care Center for young people with mental disabilities.

How did it start

Anna Ivanicheva, the founder of the workshop, had the idea to create her own social business a long time ago. It popped up almost simultaneously with the idea of creating an NGO. At first, this was preceded by long-term volunteering, and then it became clear that you should start your own center to create more opportunities. However, without additional funding, this would be difficult to implement. Relying only on philanthropists is not the way out. So there was an idea to sell tea that would ensure the work of the workshop.

What are you doing now: The shop sells natural Carpathian tea, the proceeds of which go to a center for young people with mental disabilities. The social impact is realized in the fact that the company promotes the socialization of young people with mental disabilities.

Tea plants are harvested by experienced herbalists in ecologically clean areas, no flavorings or any other impurities are added to them, the tea is 100% natural - it contains only a mixture of herbs and berries. In addition, the company cares about the environment: at the request of the buyer, you can replace the plastic packaging for free with a paper bag.