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The illustrator platform Pear Shop — development of the platform with clothing selling where illustrators can sell their own ideas


The project's founders have created a platform where Ukrainian illustrators can sell merchandise with their designs. Stepan, one of the authors of the idea, said that after the first month of the war, it was necessary to return to work and pay taxes.

"Patriotic T-shirts became the most popular then. But we realized that the banal design "Good evening, we are from Ukraine!" People are fed up and want something interesting. At the same time, we saw many illustrations by artists who began to create massively patriotic themes. We decided to combine these two possibilities and created our project. Now, more than ever, supporting initiatives with a social component is necessary. The situation changes daily, and the solution of any social issue is now critically important for modern society," shares the founder.

During the month of operation, the platform started cooperation with 20 artists and launched five social initiatives. The company operates in Ternopil, but test sales confirmed the product's popularity in Ukraine and abroad.

The social component of the project is that 10% of the cost will go to the author of the illustration, and the other 10% will be distributed to various social initiatives.

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