Chris standing up holding his daughter Elva
"Shop of kindness" — how to help families in need by giving cloth a second chance

Slogan: We are changing the culture of exchanging things!

TA: low-income families in need and people who want to give away their clothes

About the initiative

The project supports low-income families with toys and clothes from Ukrainian manufacturers who sell goods from past seasons, as well as with the help of ordinary Ukrainians who want to share the necessary things with others.

How did it start

The store's founder, Ms. Halyna, admits that she has been volunteering and helping low-income families for more than eight years. While helping the orphanages, she came across an unpleasant story: 

"Every time children were dressed in the same thing, although the volunteers provided them with clothes, it was questionable where the things brought disappeared." 

During visits to low-income families, she saw the conditions in which people live and what they wear, so she realized that a project that would support such families on an ongoing basis was simply necessary. Thus the idea to establish a "Kindness Store", which has been operating successfully for a year and a half, was born.

What are they doing now: collect things and toys so that they can be given to low-income and large families, as well as families with children with disabilities.