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Parasol'ka — a sustainable brand of textile products and accessories


Parasol'ka is a local Ukrainian sustainable brand of textile products and leather accessories. The company is based in Lutsk and manufactures raincoats, briefcases, and organizers for transporting and storing things there. 

The brand's primary mission is to create a culture of storing things. And here, they want to make traveling more convenient and more aesthetic. By the way, they follow a good cut here. Additional accessories are created from the remnants, and in 2023 they plan to release a line from the vestiges of production and recycled materials. The brand abandoned single-use packaging for products and created reusable packaging.

Parasol'ka broadcasts Sustainable Fashion through lectures and participation in educational programs for students, local small business founders, and our end con 

The social component of the business is a social project for the production of raincoats for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In particular, Parasolka promotes the idea of sustainable fashion and advocates reducing the use of plastic bags.

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