Chris standing up holding his daughter Elva
Una Terra — conscious fashion for pets and their owners

Slogan: Give a second life to the clothes of pets and people. Save the only life on the Earth!

TA: pet owners

About the initiative

This is a collection of designer clothes "Family-Look", created for pets and their responsible owners using recycling technology. They create waterproof vests and jackets for dogs and their owners. Clothing is very practical, thanks to waterproof fabrics and a hood, it protects pets and their owners from wind and rain.

So, regardless of the weather, it is suitable for walking dogs in the city, forest and park. At the same time, you can wear these clothes to any social event or party and impress your friends with a stylish look.

Una Terra combined conscious consumption and fashion, protecting animals and saving the Earth. The social enterprise focuses primarily on the Western market. After all, such a product, according to Lydia, will sell better in Europe and the United States. After all, clothes made of recycled materials are very expensive.

How did it start

Lilia started with IT, and was involved in an educational project. Then she worked as a marketing manager at Microsoft, developed a virtual reality startup, and in her spare time helped homeless animals - found a new home for them. And later decided to create a social project Una Terra. The rare case when there was experience and knowledge in strategic marketing, but was completely absent in the field of tailoring and textiles. And it did not interfere at all. On the contrary, it has identified the first important steps in the further development of business - you should start with finding a person who knows this. This person was Ukrainian designer Yana Chervinska, an expert in sustainable fashion projects.

What are they doing now: the company produces pet clothing that combines conscious consumption and fashion.