Chris standing up holding his daughter Elva
Family apiary Honey Gardens


A small family from the Rivne region has its apiary, producing craft honey desserts, honey, and various beekeeping products. Here they popularize beekeeping, engage visitors in honey tourism and conduct master classes for children. The owners plan to install a beehouse - a particular house where you can spend time with bees, feel their energy and healing properties (such leisure is entirely safe), as well as create a blooming honey space where visitors can taste bee products straight from the hive and try himself in the role of a beekeeper. Everything is for preserving the culture of honey consumption and passing on the love of beekeeping to others.

The social component of the enterprise is that the family wants to open the School Honey Gardens project, which will allow young people to create their social enterprise. In particular, the "Women Beekeepers Foundation" is being developed here.  

"The war forced everyone to rethink their lives and learn to love and appreciate what we have. The apiary is our life. It is a source of health and inspiration, which we want to share with everyone who needs it generously," the founders say.