Chris standing up holding his daughter Elva
Family Hub “Lito” — a place for family development

Slogan: Comfortable and cozy place for the whole family

TA: mothers with children; mothers in the decree; families with children.

About the initiative

It’s a leisure and development center for children and families with children and a place to work with children with inclusion. Over time, the company was transformed into a holiday agency "Summer", and also introduced additional services - "Free Mother", "Organization of celebrations", "Speech Therapist" and others. In addition, single mothers with children work in the hub. Also for mothers, the decree made several courses on earning money on the Internet, for example, "Mamaraiter".

 How did it start

Oksana, the founder of the hub, is a single mother raising a son, Tikhon. A few years ago, finances did not allow her son to be taken to the playroom, and the idea arose to create a place that would be accessible to single mothers. Prices are now available in the family hub for the average family. The founder admits that the name "Summer" was chosen not by chance, but because it is warm and sunny in summer, and memories of my grandmother, who was always happy, emerge, so the start of the hub was definitely doomed to success!

What are they doing now: family hub is a children's center with a playroom, sports and educational activities for children with special needs in the city of Zhytomyr. In addition, a family hub is not only an opportunity for young children to develop, but also for single mothers.