Chris standing up holding his daughter Elva
Symbioz — transmitting eco-values

Slogan: when clothing transmits the ideas of equality of people and nature

TA: people who want to look stylish care about the environment and conscious consumption

About the initiative

It is a clothing brand that fills the world with values through simple casual wear. And another 7% of the cost of their products are directed to the implementation of social projects at the choice of buyers. 

How did it start

The girls who founded the project are environmental activists, and therefore often organized various actions, marches or camps. During their organizations, they were faced with the fact that such events require cool quality merch that will convey certain messages. However, finding such a merch was not so easy. And they decided to create their own.

In addition, they said that there are many people in Ukraine who want to implement projects in their hometowns and villages, but do not have sufficient financial support. So through Symbioz they wanted to help them.

What are they doing now: girls develop new models of clothes, produce T-shirts and skinny with different designs.